Semicon China: Comet empowers customers with advanced RF power and X-ray inspection solutions

七月 03, 2023

Semicon China, having taken place June 29th until July 1st in Shanghai, is one of the largest events for the semiconductor industry in Asia. With our advanced solutions for plasma processing and X-ray inspection, the Comet team reaffirmed its commitment to seamless integration and comprehensive solutions to meet diverse customer needs in China.

Collaborating for better solutions.

The Comet teams demonstrated their collaborative expertise at Semicon China 2023. Together at one booth, they showcased the benefits of synergy for customers seeking reliable partners in microelectronic manufacturing. Whether it be industrial X-ray Systems and tubes for non-destructive inspection or advanced solutions for plasma processing, the integrated approach highlighted our comprehensive offerings throughout the semiconductor value chain. By leveraging our broad expertise as Comet, we reaffirmed our commitment to providing seamless integration and comprehensive solutions to meet our customers' diverse needs.

First ever Synertia® live demonstration in China.

Visitors were able to experience Synertia® firsthand, seeing the digital command and control of data and processes in real time. The new RF power delivery platform from Comet PCT empowers semiconductor manufacturers to achieve exceptional process results and unparalleled chip performance. By harnessing the power of Synertia®, our customers gain a competitive edge through precise power delivery, resulting in higher yields, improved cost-effectiveness, and accelerated innovation throughout the semiconductor industry.

X-ray inspection solutions for unparalleled quality in Advanced Packaging.

As structures get denser and smaller, greater insights are needed for quality inspection in the semiconductor market, especially with the challenges of Advanced Packaging. With Comet Yxlon’s revolutionary software VistaX, customers can see better, faster and more. Visitors got to see the benefits of VistaX themselves and learn how it can benefit their production thanks to the live demonstration with the Cheetah EVO X-ray System, equipped with an FXE 160.51 X-ray tube.

With X-ray inspection, semiconductor manufacturers can ensure the reliability and performance of their high-density components. By leveraging solutions, our customers gain higher yields, faster time-to-market, and the ability to deliver exceptional products that meet the ever-increasing demands of the consumer base.


Our takeaways

Semicon China 2023 provided an exceptional platform for Comet to showcase its collaborative expertise and cutting-edge solutions in the semiconductor industry. By demonstrating the power of synergy and offering advanced plasma control and X-ray inspection solutions, Comet empowered customers to achieve unparalleled quality and meet the evolving demands of the market. The event highlighted Comet's commitment to delivering comprehensive solutions and seamless integration to drive customer success in semiconductor manufacturing through trustful collaboration.

Don’t miss us in San Francisco

July 11 -13, 2023, Moscone Convention Center

The team is looking forward to exchange on the theme "Building a Path Forward" with our partners in the semiconductor industry.


Contributing to building "a path forward" at Semicon West

六月 22, 2023

Semicon West, a vital event in the semiconductor and electronics industry, provides us with a valuable platform to connect with pioneers of digitalization. Following the theme of “Building a Path Forward”, our teams will be present as industry experts at booth #533, offering expertise in RF Power-based processes in semiconductor manufacturing, as well as X-ray and CT for semi/electronics. We understand the challenges of our customers and are committed to collaborating for innovation.

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In 2023, not only Comet is celebrating its 75th anniversary, but it’s also been 75 years since the invention of the transistor. These two milestones mark significant turning points in the history of technology and innovation. Transistors, one of the most pivotal inventions of all time, have enabled the functionality of countless devices that shape the modern world, including Comet’s technologies. In retribution, Comet develops products enabling technological progress in the area of semiconductor manufacturing. To celebrate that, we asked our team to share their story.

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The next generation brings future technologies to the starting line

五月 09, 2023

At this weekend’s «6h de Fribourg» event, six Comet apprentices proved their passion for innovation and sustainability. In a race with 21 other teams, they accumulated 11,292 laps with their hydrogen model cars, which corresponds to 960 kilometers and only 462 grams of hydrogen. As a sponsor and employer, Comet is proud to support this exciting learning experience that puts multidisciplinary collaboration at the center of real-world science and engineering projects.

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