Comet's year-end campaigns really help to make the future better.

十一月 24, 2022

Do you remember having colored a drawing yourself or with your family two years ago? Or collecting digital snowflakes at the end of last year? In our year-end campaigns we team up with Unicef to improve education through concrete actions. And this is what you helped us with thanks to participating in our campaign games.

Schools on wheels for children in Bihar

Due to the global pandemic, many schools and early childhood education centers in India were closed for almost two years. This was especially detrimental to children in areas with poor socio-economic indicators such as Bihar, one of the poorest states in India. With the money generated for Unicef in the past two year-end campaigns, we helped to bring children back to school. This way we reduced the risk for them of never returning to the classroom and being forced into child labor.

With our and many other donations, Unicef provided mobile learning centers – so-called «Schools on Wheels». Equipped with digital devices and qualified educators. These vans drove to 337 villages to reach children and families from deprived communities.

Photo: Unicef

Influencing social norms

In addition to educating Bihar’s children, Unicef also worked towards influencing social norms that discouraged girls’ education. The socio-economic impacts of the pandemic will likely increase the risks of sexual exploitation, early pregnancy and early and forced marriage for girls. To counteract this, parents were sensitized around the value of learning, preventing early marriage and giving equal opportunities to girls to study.

In total, around 6,946 families were linked with social protection schemes that incentivized the education of their children. The mobile schools taught 24,345 children and thus managed to enroll them back to school. As the schools slowly reopened this year, this project has now come to a successful end.

«From the time the knowledge bus has started visiting our village, mothers are becoming aware of the importance of education, and have started sending their daughters to school.

Chanda, daughter of daily-wage agricultural laborers

(source: Unicef)

Here is where we say "Thank you".

By trusting in our mission to help make the future better and supporting our year-end campaigns, you helped provide education to Bihar’s children and their families. Thank you to all of our employees and their families, customers, suppliers, partners and everyone for "playing the game".

Past campaigns

Best present for the future (2020)

This campaign invited partners, employees or any Comet friend as well as their families to take some time over the holidays to draw their picture of the future using our template.

For each drawing uploaded on the website we donated 5 CHF to Unicef.

Total donation: CHF 5000

Let it snow (2021)

This campaign invited partners, employees or any Comet friend as well as their families to awaken their inner child and collect virtual snow in a game.

For each 1000 points made we donated 1 CHF to Unicef.

Total donation: CHF 8984

... 2022 coming soon. Are you ready?

About Unicef's educational programme

Education is a basic human right. In 147 countries around the world, UNICEF works to provide quality learning opportunities that prepare children and adolescents with the knowledge and skills they need to thrive. They focus on: Equitable access, Quality learning and Education in emergencies



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