Can a drawing contribute to make the future better?

In this holiday season,  your coloring pencils may well provide some for those who don't have any.

While we think technology can improve education, at Comet Group we are also convinced that a fair access to education improves technology.

But progress has been unequal and unfair. In a world where new technologies are giving some children opportunities that never existed in a previous generation,  others are at risk of perpetual second-class status. Many million of children and adolescents still fail to achieve basic numeracy and literacy. But all children can learn and improve the world if they are given the chance. 


What if your family time over year-end festivities would give that chance?

In the frame of our initiative Make the Future, better. we launch the campaign "Best Present for the Future" and welcome you and your families to take a little time during year-end festivities to color in our drawing of the future.

From December 8, 2020 until January 5, 2021, 

For each drawing received,

we'll donate 5 Swiss Francs to Unicef

to help creating a world where every child learns.




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How to participate:  Only 3 steps

1- Download the empty key visual /  2- Color it  /  3- Upload the result by filling the form on this page.


On January 7, 2021 we'll display 100 uploaded drawings here.

We are looking forward to see your contribution!



What Comet Group stands for.

We firmly believe that innovation, in a world with finite resources, improves all our lives. That is why we harness our pioneering spirit in working with our customers to find solutions that provide sustainable progress and improve safety, security and quality of life for us all.

Led by experience. Driven by curiosity.


Thank you for all your submissions!

The campaign is closed. Results will be shown on this page on January 7, 2021