Play to Connect Every School to the Internet

If they are given the chance, all children can learn and make the world a better place, even in areas with weak infrastructure. At Comet, we believe we can help bridge the gap by giving them access to education via the internet.

That's why this year the entire Comet Group is joining forces to raise funds to support Unicef's Giga initiative.

And you can contribute...

Click the link and play to connect as many hearts as possible. We will convert your points into a check for Unicef Giga at the end of our campaign.  


500 points = 1 Swiss Franc for Unicef Giga

Campaign available until Jan 11, 2023.

About Unicef-ITU's Giga Initiative

Even before the appearance of COVID-19, UNICEF recognized the need to address education for vulnerable children and digital exclusion.

In 2019, UNICEF and ITU launched Giga, a global initiative to connect every school in the world to the internet and every student to information, opportunity and choice by 2030. The benefit for children who can't access the web is life changing. 

As a result, they will have more resources to learn and to grow and unlimited opportunities to reach their full potential.

Mapping schools worldwide to assess demand and infrastructure

Working in partnership with governments, Giga is mapping the connectivity demand, using schools as a base point, and identifying where there are connectivity gaps. This information, combined with existing ITU mapping data, allows countries to take stock of their existing infrastructure and assess appropriate solutions for connecting schools. More than 1 million schools in 41 countries have been mapped through Project Connect, a mapping and connectivity monitoring platform.




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